Strategic Partnerships

Through the strategic connections we’ve made, and senior-level executives we bring in, we are now able to leverage an expansive network that provides us with a bevvy of knowledge and countless years of experience. With this diverse and growing team, we not only have the know how, but have the right people in place to tackle every project with adaptability and expertise, improving upon and accelerating the delivery of clients’ objectives.

Xceltrait is the exclusive distributor of FiT4™ Projects, in addition to partnering with FiT4™ Talent to more effectively support the recruitment and hiring needs of clients across both the IT and Project Management sectors.


Solutions Cube is a collaborative partner, that we utilize as both a PDU and in joint content development to support our FiT4™ Learning objectives. Additionally, by joining forces to develop and deliver training programs and materials, we are now able to offer all of the certification courses and corporate training programs available in our Learning Course and Certification Catalog online via webinar.


Trivie is a collaborative partner in the development of our mobile application focused on training content retention and reinforcement for employees. As we move forward, we will be support applications such as Project Manager Competency and Project Health Checks. The mobile app is accessible via the App Store and can be accessed via a mobile device, iPad or desktop.