FiT4™ Projects

Challenges brought about by an evolving project management landscape have led organizations to look to new tools and methodologies – each promising to be the silver bullet that will put their PMOs on the trajectory to success. But more often than not, project delivery falls well below expectations, or worse, fails entirely. At FiT4™, we’re not here to tell you which methodology works best, or which tools will prove a quick fix for your organization. Rather, through our Essential Project Management Framework, and Right-Sizing tools and methodology we will provide you the building blocks for successful project delivery for your organization. We will teach you how to effectively apply what you have learned utilizing project simulations and engaging team role-playing gamification.  Our consulting and application-based approach will lead your organization to long-term increases in both speed and accuracy in regard to project planning, more effectual communication pathways, and a greater ownership for project management responsibilities moving forward.


FiT4 Essential Project Management Framework (EPMF)™

Our Essential Project Management Framework (EPMF) is a simple, flexible project management framework that lays the basic foundation to deliver a project.  We have spent over 3 years researching and analyzing over 20 global project management methodologies.  What we discovered is, while the terminology is different, 65% of all methods were the same. FiT4 EPMF™ cuts away many unnecessary large project management elements so that one can focus on getting things done.


FiT4 Right Size™

Our research team analyzed the remaining 35% of project methodologies.  We found that the additional 35% is only needed on “right size” project types such as complex, large, global initiatives, industry specific, regulatory, etc.  Our Predictive and Adaptive Project Management Methods are customizable to align your organization structure and culture with your corporate initiatives.  Our Right-Size Project Management increases the accuracy and speed of planning and delivery of projects by utilizing a Project Toolbox Concept to right size your projects. Only use the tools you need to successfully deliver projects more effectively and efficiently, creating value to your company’s bottom line.

Failing to Right-Size is one of the first oversights PMOs make, which can have detrimental effects on the outcome of a project. When thinking about project management, there are three key aspects in which organizations need to ramp up efficiency: Portfolio Management, Program Management and Project Management – and with our Right-Sizing services, we will consult with your team and guide your organization through each aspect of the program.


Portfolio Management

FiT4 Right Size™ Portfolio management emphasizes focus on financial strategic goals such as revenue growth, cost reduction, capital expense, regulatory mandates, business continuity and bottom line, rather than just typical operational objectives such as project cost, timescales and deliverables.

FiT4 Right Size Portfolio Management ensures focus on the “right” things and not the “next” things. Whether your project methodology is Adaptive (Agile like), Predictive (Structured PMI, Prince 2, SDLC, etc.) or a hybrid of the two, we ensure that the portfolio is developed to ensure enterprise reporting to align projects with your strategic objectives and corporate initiatives.

Following our approach, we will simplify the complex and remove the mystery from portfolio management.  We utilize a simple scoring process for value driven decision making, and alignment to business goals.  The end result, is realizing ROI and meeting corporate initiatives, while enabling better decision making for selecting and funding future project initiatives.

Program Management

With Program Management, we take it a step further, identifying first the deliverables, and then the processes and tools required to deliver each individual project. We initially look to your PMOs current pain points, and through identifying business process efficiencies draw up a simple, repeatable, and measurable process for delivering your projects against corporate objectives.

Project Management

Time to put that process into action! By Right-Sizing your Project Management, we are able to wash away the complexity and overworked procedures and templates, making it possible to determine your project’s size and intricacy, log and track all deliverables, and successfully implement a unified way of communicating and completing your projects.



Once you have Right-Sized your PMO, now what? At FiT4™, we believe application is key. We offer three products and services to ensure our Right-Sizing knowledge sticks.


Project Simulation

Our Project Simulation Training is delivered through an exclusive board game that can be customized for any organization. Without organization-specific customization, the game takes players through an IT supply chain project, bringing into light elements of human behavior, ownership, accountability and even hidden agendas. By applying what they’ve learned through an immediate hands-on experience, players will come to understand that despite the tools in their arsenal, projects can be impacted by every decision they make.

Health Checks

The first thing we do when we come into a project is work with senior management to define what elements they would like measured, and how they would like specific aspects weighted – giving the most influence to those responsible for driving projects forward. Then, through our Health Checks, we assess each project using a scorecard approach that gives us the insight to know where the project is at, where the PMO is excelling and where they need to make corrections.

Project Manager Competency Model

Leadership, technical and strategic knowledge are important qualities of any leading project manager, and we execute our scorecard approach at the individual skill set level as well. Once the assessment model has been built out, it is deployed across the organization and scores are weighted based on predetermined importance. The results of these assessments help organizations evaluate the strengths of their project managers and implement mentor-mentee relationships.


Introduce new multi-generational phone application offering. Through the game – which can be accessed online via URL or one an iPad or iPhone via app – users can play trivia, true or false or multiple choice quizzes. These quizzes can be used for a multitude of reasons, such as setting a baseline, assess knowledge pre- and post-training, to prep for exams or quiz yourself between certifications. The application addresses the needs of multi-generational age. Young people don’t want to be constantly sat in a classroom. Multi-beneficial and objective.