FiT4™ Business

For businesses, organizations and corporations alike, it is imperative to set achievable, growth-targeted goals and to have accountability for measuring progress. At FiT4™, we will assist your company in clarifying and articulating those objectives – turning your vision into an actionable strategic roadmap that will deliver process improvements and scalable infrastructures, escalate growth, and ultimately shape your business’ bottom line.


Independent Verification and Validation

Our adaptable, service-based IV&V approach provides corporate organizations with the independent analysis necessary to both pinpoint and avoid high-risk areas during the planning, design, execution, and management phases of projects. By bringing in an unbiased team, experienced in industry standards and best practices, we come to understand the complexity of output processes, allowing us to detect gaps and recommend adjustments that will reduce the errors and risks associated with roll out.


IV&V Process:

  • IV&V Management Plan
    • Create Management Plan
  • Discovery
    • Identify, Review, Analyze
  • Blueprinting/ Conducting Reviews
    • Diagnose, Design
  • Recommendations
  • Executive Debrief
  • Lessons Learned
  • Promotion/Delivery/Support


Project Management IV&V

We work with organizations to assess if they are following their developed or generally accepted process in the delivery of projects. When an organization engages with us for Project Management IV&V, our aim is to not only diagnose problems before they occur, but to identify specific refinements that will ensure tangible improvements to every project. We also focus on helping clients become more forward-looking, thinking end-to-end, so that their process decisions encompass the entire lifecycle of projects moving forward.


Product and Process Management IV&V

Our Independent verification and validation (IV&V) involves V&V done by our industry experts as a third party organization not involved in the development of the product or process. Thus, the products and processes gets examined by an outside neutral party. The main check performed is whether user requirements are met along side ensuring that the product is structurally sound and built to the required specifications, and that processes are stream lined and efficient before automation.


V&V helps to find out discrepancies in the quality and specifications helping product developers to build product, which meet all the user requirements. IV&V also ensures that developers are adhering to the regulations and budgets.


V&V helps identify redundancies and gaps in your business processes enabling your company to do more, or reduce overhead. IV&V in processes enables your company to be competitive through efficiencies.


For software products, the IV&V organization may perform reviews of the source code, examine the associated product documentation and analyze associated algorithms for static verification. It also performs dynamic verification by different testing methods such as integration testing to ensure that all software units (modules) are meshed as one, tested and properly work together. Functional testing is done to ensure that functionality meets user requirements. In addition, system testing is carried out over the entire software and hardware system to make sure that it is working as per the user requirements and acceptance.


Enterprise Process Governance

Our Enterprise Process Governance services will guide your company’s growth through process innovation, with a laser-focus on aligning business processes with usable systems and data. Through the implementation of our programs, we will both automate your business processes and effectively integrate intelligent and relevant data into the method, which will have the capacity to positively impact long-term business decisions.


By working with your teams to map out your current “As Is” state we will gap and provide a plan to achieve your “To Be” state.


  • System and Integration Architecture
  • Business Operation Process Innovation
    • Business Process Functional Integration and Change Management
    • Business Performance Management
  • Data Intelligence
    • Mapping Input and Output
    • Data Standardization
    • Data cleansing
    • Maintaining Data: Rules and Processes
    • Data Transformation


Small to Medium Business Growth

For small-to-midsize businesses, we assist in general administration improvement by optimizing your business operations. We have experience identifying, developing, executing and maintaining operational improvement processes in the departments of human resources, finance, marketing, sales, supply chain and technology. Reach out today if your small-to-midsize business is just starting out, growing too quickly, too slowly, or if you’re looking to grow in a new direction entirely – we can help!


Our CEO, Lorie Gibbons has personally started, merged and sold five companies prior to FiT4™. Lorie and her senior team have been helping small businesses grow for the last decade.  Lorie also serves as a judge and mentor to the global small business competition, Values and Ventures, for the last several years.


Our team can assist your growth through, but not limited to:

  • Assessing and improving your Business Vision & Strategy
  • Operational Assessments
  • Operational Management Processes, Support, Coaching and Resources for
    • Marketing
      • Branding, Logos, Brochures, Campaigns
    • Sales
      • Process, Target Markets, Pricing Models, Metrics/Reporting, CRM’s, Training
    • Finance
      • Analysis and Reporting
      • Costing and Operational Expense
      • Budgets, Actuals, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet
    • Technology
      • Email, Website, Small Business Software Packages
    • Supply Chain
      • Vendor/Supplier Management, Product Life Cycle, Warehousing, Automation, Inventory Management