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Lorie Gibbons, Founder and CEO of FiT4™ Business Group, is a progressive, accomplished, project and operations-focused leader with an expert reputation in identifying and leading changes within organizations that culminate in extraordinary, long-lasting results. And now, she adds published author to her resume. Her mission – along with the help of her team at FiT4™ Business Group – is to equip clients with a competitive edge that will promote positive impacts on not only company culture and performance, but bottom line results. By putting her extensive insights on paper, all can now be privy to the expertise and powerful business lessons that put her on the trajectory to success.


Intentional Focus: Someday Is Not a Day of the Week

Do you struggle with balance? Do you want to better manage your professional life while maintaining a competitive edge? Do you have trouble finding time for your personal life among everything else? Many professionals and entrepreneurs would respond with a resounding Yes! In a world that is constantly moving, how do we find and maintain that balance?

In this book you will learn simple steps in which 15 minutes a day can help you re-energize yourself, maintain your relationships with family and friends, improve your business and give back to society.